About NTS

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DJ NTS began his passion for mixing music at 16 when he was asked to fill in for an absent DJ at a friend's party. Thrown to a crowd craving beats, NTS found his instincts and never looked back. Soon afterward his bank account was emptied and European summer trips canceled to make room for his new DJ equipment. Countless nights of floor rattling bass and tweeter cracking treble, NTS honed his craft for mixing and making music. Not long after he was booked in his hometown of New York, spinning and coordinating local events and parties. Years later and counting, NTS has appeared on both coasts of the US, opening for acts such as Kid Capri, Tommy Lee and DJ Aero. Willing to travel to the far ends of the earth, DJ NTS is commited to capturing the fun of the party one step, one venue, one person at a time.
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